Monday, February 20, 2006


Sun Microsystems' future does not look very bright. They have "successfully" opensourced the Solaris operating system with 4 million downloads, and more recently have started giving away Niagara servers on free trials.

While open-source and try-before-you-buy hardware may build communities and be very good for the customer, I fail to see how any of this will make Sun any money. More likely, if there is a widespread adoption of Solaris, it will be on whitebox servers.
Sunfire servers may be state of the art and may only sip juice, but they more than 3 times more expensive than whitebox servers.

Sun has also been notorious for failing to make money on good products (Java?). I see Sun continuing to dig a deeper hole for itself in the next few quarters, until a company with money and focus on monetization(maybe Oracle) buys them.

It is also funny to see Schwartz chuckling at HP.

"We all enjoyed the site HP put up to promote Sun's Niagara announcement - it's worth a good chuckle."

Only time will tell who has the last laugh.

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